Our Story

Therapy and computer science combine to benefit patients.

RxGames was developed collaboratively by therapists, scientists, and patients to create an engaging patient-focused model that therapists can use to deliver better outcomes, even when their in-clinic time together is limited by payor benefits, geography, and/or patient compliance.

The games were developed over a period of eight years and are backed by clinical research. Our founders are proud to offer an innovative way to improve patients’ daily lives and contribute to better recoveries.

Our goal is to transform the way therapy is delivered - empowering the patient, enabling better treatment, and ultimately making therapists more effective.

OUR Team

Devoted to making effective therapy accessible and fun.

Roger Crawfis, PhD
Founder / Chief Technology Officer
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Lynne Gauthier, PhD
Founder / Chief Scientific Officer
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Offering solutions that help both traditional and digital clinics

RxGames helps patients get better faster, ensures clinics complete programs with their patients, and creates a whole new revenue stream for PT/OT clinics.