Gain confidence in patient compliance

With metrics including time spent and quality of exercises performed, you have all the data you need from a patient’s at-home regimen to maximize the time you spend together in the clinic.

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Patient improvement is the bottom line

RxGames offers patients about three times the improvement in activies of daily living compared to traditional in-home therapy.*

  • Studies show that games improve enjoyment and promote compliance with in-home exercise
  • Ease of setup and use makes RxGames accessible to any patient with a smart phone and television
  • AI-driven progress adjustments keep games challenging as patients improve
  • Analytics let therapists track progress and modify treatment based on success

Optimize the time you spend with patients

Stop guessing about the quality and quantity of your patients’ at-home exercises. RxGames provides empirical data you can use immediately.

  • Maximize in-clinic time instead of reviewing exercises
  • Receive detailed progress reports
  • Focus on functional mobility that improves daily living
  • Accelerate recovery timelines
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Setup is easy. We’ll show you.

We offer help for every step of your patient’s in-home therapy, and you’ll find information to help you maximize the analytics we supply too.

Hear from patients and clinicians

"The benefit of home therapy is that you don’t need to ask to be driven places or go out in snowy or cold weather. Whenever the spirit moves you to do better for yourself, you have the ability to do the therapy."
Geriatric Patient
"It is critically important to have active video games targeted at the patient’s level of mobility so
that the patient can engage socially at their capabilities and challenge them to improve, versus becoming frustrated about not being able to keep up with others in a commercial application."
Physical Therapist

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Make your in-home exercise programs more effective today.

RxGames gives you confidence in your programs, since you can track every aspect of your patient’s recovery. Use data, instead of best guesses, to understand how best to help the patients who depend on you.

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