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Accelerate patient recovery with engaging at-home therapy

RxGames is a simple remote therapy solution that offers stimulating, scientifically developed games to augment in-clinic care for a variety of conditions, without requiring specialized hardware.

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Enjoyable home exercise programs patients actually complete

RxGames offers a selection of mentally stimulating, physically controlled games that includes AI-driven progress adjustment to keep the games challenging as patients improve. Robust analytics let therapists track progress and modify treatment plans.


Adherence to home exercises using RxGames in a recent trial*


Adherence to home exercises without RxGames based on industry norms

Proven acceleration of recovery timelines and patient compliance exceeding minimum guidelines

*Source: Gauthier, L.V., et al. “Video game rehabilitation for outpatient stroke (VIGoROUS): A multi-site randomized controlled trial of in-home, self-managed, upper-extremity therapy.” eClinicalMedicine. January 2022.
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Patients want to get better faster

Games keep patients engaged and participating, and RxGames improves outcomes by supplementing in-clinic care with intensive home exercise.

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Most patients prescribed RxGames exceeded physical activity guidelines.

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Built by therapists and scientists

RxGames is the first AI-progressive, gamified in-home therapy developed through collaboration between clinicians, scientists, and researchers.

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Hear from patients and clinicians

"I love the cardio aspects of the games. It’s hard for me to get cardio. I work for an hour, and it makes me sweat; that is so stimulating for me. I used to do that all the time, I lost that ability.

Now I can sweat again, I love it."
Stroke Survivor
"Playing games helps patients engage and be much more active. They exercise longer and increase their strength and mobility without feeling like they are doing therapy."
Physical Therapist

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Higher compliance means better outcomes.

When patients are engaged and motivated to complete the at-home portion of their physical or occupational therapy, their success rates improve and their enjoyment of daily life grows too.

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